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Digital Advertising Powered by AI

Are you ready for the next generation of marketing? With data and AI-powered tools, we can help get you up-to-speed and ready for a digital transformation that will deliver greater impact, reach, and results.

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Future-Ready Marketers

At 360 Interactive, we help future-ready marketers who want to expand their marketing capabilities and explore how data and AI can help their businesses grow. Is that you?

The Future of Marketing Is…


Highly Targeted





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Fast Moving

The future of digital marketing is highly targeted, interactive, creative, and dependent on how quickly you can make decisions and move forward. Marketing technology that uses AI can help you produce these things and more.


High-Tech Marketing

360 Interactive is a digital marketing agency with a technology edge. We can help you achieve your marketing goals by using our creativity, skill, know-how, and technology. Here is a list of services we provide:

●    Web Development
●    Digital Campaign Management, including GIS targeting
●    App & Systems Programming
●    Advertising & Visual Marketing, including photography and drone video

Add Context With OCR and AI Tools

OCR has been helping companies convert images into text for years, but 360 Interactive has taken this capability to the next level. By combining OCR functionality with AI, we can not only capture the content of the document’s text, but we can also understand its meaning, taking into account associated images as well as text.

But that’s not all…

With OCR and AI tools in your hand, you can speed up data collection and data review through automation. Search text for keywords, and numbers, or capture customer information simply by using these high-tech tools.

How Can I Benefit From OCR and AI?

●    Sort and analyze data more quickly
●    Capture more customer information 
●    Reduce human error
●    Make decisions faster
●    Increase efficiency and productivity


The Future of Digital Marketing is Here

Future digital marketers will move fast and be targeted. They will have access to insights on demand and be able to make fast decisions. By partnering with 360 Interactive for your digital marketing needs, we can bring these benefits to you. The future of digital marketing is here if you’re ready to grab onto it.

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